What's Next

UPDATE 09/22/2016:  God is good...! Baby #4 is on the way! But with this new little bundle of joy comes morning (all-day) sickness. Please pray for me! Not sure when we'll be able to get back in the studio, but we'll keep you posted! :)

UPDATE 09/04/2016:  Today Becky's song "Psalm 27" was launched nationwide on Moody Radio's "Sunday Praise".  Special thanks to John Hayden and Moody Radio!

UPDATE 04/14/2016:  So much change, so much transition happening right now!  We've moved to a new house and have been preoccupied with many things.  However, we are planning on getting the recording studio back up by mid-summer, and hopefully have new music out early next year!  Stay tuned!

UPDATE 01/17/2016:  Becky's music has now gone national!  Beginning today Sunday, January 17, "Time of Singing" will be featured on the Moody Radio Network via "Sunday Praise with John Hayden" @ 7:02am CST.  The song will air on over 300 stations nationwide.  We pray it will be a blessing to you!

To download "Time of Singing", visit iTunes or Amazon.

Other songs we plan on recording down the road include "Romans Road", "Little Sparrow," "Pass by Me", "Bringing Glory", "Fire", "He'll Ride", and more. We were so blessed to record another single, "Time of Singing" with our friend Sarah Douglass.  It's a song about letting Jesus draw us away into His presence and just delighting to be with Him.  "Romans Road" is a soulful song and shows the way of salvation through the scriptures in the book of Romans.  "Little Sparrow" is a lullaby-like song about God's loving care for His children (Luke 12), and "Pass by Me" tells the story of the woman who desired to touch Jesus' garment (Matthew 9)...told from her point of view. "Bringing Glory" is about the old man being done away with and God bringing His glory in our lives.  "He'll Ride" is inspired from Revelation 19:11-16 and is an intense prophetic message telling of the return of our great King, Jesus on a white horse.

If you would like to help us on our journey in glorifying our King through worshipful song, there are several things you can do. First, pray! We believe that it is God, and He alone, who will direct our steps and take these efforts of ours to accomplish His will, and prayer is the most important tool in allowing Him to do that. Next, spread the word! Tweet about us, like us on Facebook, roll down your car window and belt our music out at the top of your lungs...any or all of those will work! And finally, we would love for you to partner with us to help fund recording more worship music. To do so, simply click "donate" on the left of this page and follow the steps to give.

Blessings to you!